Dell is getting ready to introduce a new Inspiron model that is dual purpose. One side is a tablet and when you flip the screen you have a notebook computer. Specifications for the new computer include an Intel 1.5 GHz dual-core Atom processor, 2GB RAM, 250 hard drive, Broadcom HD graphics accelerator and Windows 7 Home Premium will be standard.

Here is what the unit looks like:

Once the screen is flipped you have either a tablet or notebook:

The Dell computer will come in black, blue and red. The chassis is made of a rubber material for protection and secure handling. Battery life is limited to only 3 hours. The unit does come with 2 USB ports and Java support.

Pricing starts at $549.

But here is a question for you. Is this a good idea or a great idea? Would you buy one?

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Source – Dell

Source – Yahoo News