Should this be something that is necessary? This is another one of those things that should be taken care of with a firewall and a whitelist – one that does not have a listing for any social networking sites. That’s for the wired connectivity.

Since the story originates on the BBC website, I can only assume that the British are wondering about the average intelligence of the U.S. armed forces.

This has to be some kind of nightmare for the commanders in the field, wondering if some person not quite in touch with reality is going to open up an entire group of people to attack because of a temporary loss of sanity.

The US Air Force has warned its troops that using Facebook and other social networking sites could inadvertently reveal their location to the enemy.

The warning, posted on an internal website and sent to commanders, concerns new technology allowing users to pinpoint their location on the map.

It said careless use could have “devastating operations security and privacy implications”.

The US Army is set to send a similar warning to its troops.

Air Force officials are concerned that troops using BlackBerrys and other devices with GPS capabilities could reveal their location to internet services with geo-location features – Facebook, Foursquare and others – and that the enemy could discover their location, the Associated Press reported.

On most of those sites, users can adjust privacy settings to enable or disable the geo-location features.

The US has about 95,000 troops in Afghanistan and 50,000 in Iraq.

There must be some guidelines about what can, and cannot be taken into war zones. Surely when troops go there electronic devices, many of which can be tracked passively, should be left behind.

It’s simply not that important to know what the old gang has been doing while someone is on the front lines. If there is that much free time, perhaps a pan and paper should be pulled out. Not only is it safer from an electronic standpoint, it will be a lasting record for any who wish to know what was occurring at some time in the future.