It seems that whenever you buy a phone these days, the salesman will often try to hook you in on buying a few hundred dollars in accessories for your new phone. Case, car charger, belt clip and screen protectors. Where else can you sell a transparent sticker for $20 but the phone store? They sell them in droves, and it’s ridiculous!

Your phone is a durable piece of hardware. When phone manufacturers make your phone they usually take into account that it may fall a few times. If they felt you needed a 25 cent plastic sheet over your screen, they would include it with the phone. In fact, many phone manufacturers will say that a screen protector is NOT recommended because it can cause problems with the performance of the phone. The whole experience with the phone is touch. Why degrade your interaction with the phone by using a condom for your screen?

I know! You’re still worried your screen will get scratched. What should happen if you get a few scratches on your phone? It’ll be the end of civilization as we know it! There’s nothing wrong with a few scratches on your phone. Besides, a few battle scars will look a lot better than those air bubbles and dust that got trapped during the protector installation.