Facebook. Regardless of age or background, it’s becoming one of those things that manages to suck you into it if you’re not careful to limit your exposure to the site. Speaking for myself, I work hard to limit my time on it as, otherwise, I would be wasting entirely too much of my free time… something I have a shortage of these days.

Yet despite my desire to limit my time there, it seems that one out of four page views on the Web are for Facebook. Seriously, folks, that is beyond sad. I mean, I could see this as making more sense if there was content there worth reading for most people or something really compelling being offered beyond Farmville or other such time wasting activities.

Now for the kicker. Facebook wants to become more of a messaging platform. Not email according to the company, but just a means of messaging others. Sure, we’ll ignore the HORRID privacy record and start using Facebook for messaging. I mean come on, Google needs competition in this department to see who can experience a massive data breach first. I am sure China is game for a nice hack that will spill everyone’s data. Just because we’ve sold it our souls and are likely going to default on our debt to it is no reason to think there’d be a problem there. No, not at all.

The facts are this. Facebook is fun to play with, but I trust my stuff to the local gangs more than I’d want Facebook handling anything important. Second, we are becoming entirely too exclusive with our Web usage. From Yahoo! in the 1990s to Google in the 00s, and now on to Facebook. Brand loyalty is great, but when it reaches the point that it’s becoming a huge portion of the overall Web experience, something might be wrong.

In the end, to each their own. If you enjoy wasting hours with the latest crap on a social media site, great. For me, it’s a tool to keep in touch with folks who are posting stuff that I would rather not receive via email. It’s still of interest, but it’s kind of where RSS ended up going. To me, social media has become a necessary evil in my day to day life. And for that reason, I feel like crying. If I could find a way to go back to the glory days of RSS instead for the same content, I likely wood. Sadly though, I’ve become too dependent on using Facebook and other related tools.