In the past, I have shared news about one of my favorite apps for the iPhone called iDress. Utilizing WeatherBug’s own API weather data, the application allows its users to make appropriate clothing choices depending the weather outside. The audience is primarily aimed at those with disabilities that might make choosing clothing selections, challenging without some guidance.

Here’s a list what makes the iDress application unique:

  • It is the only weather app designed for people with disabilities (assistive technology)
  • It was just updated so that photos could be placed in the closet thus making it directly meaningful for each user!
  • I believe that iDress is the ONLY weather app made with kids in mind!

iDress is an application in the spotlight for those with special needs:

Who is iDress best for?

  • Think: child with autism who will ONLY wear that one red jacket

  • Think: grandmother with Alzheimer’s who struggles to remember what her own jacket looks like

  • Think: veteran with a traumatic brain injury who has limited short term memory and needs visual cues/reminders

  • Think: college student who puts rival’s mascot in the “hot” closet

  • Think:Teen-ager who wants that A&F jacket for Christmas and puts it in the “cold” closet as a reminder to the parent.

  • Think: anyone who just wants to have fun with weather

Do you have an idea that you’ve always wanted to see built into an application?

Let’s face it, the concept and mission behind iDress is fantastic. From idea to finished product, it’s clearly a winner with a clearly defined audience. And thanks to the inclusion of WeatherBug’s API data, software like this is able provide maximum weather accuracy to its user base.

Want to create your own applications using WeatherBug’s API data? You should, it’s easy to get signed up and started developing desktop or mobile software of your own with the WeatherBug API.