It’s been quite some time since I’ve used Linux Mint myself. Despite this, it was always a distro that had been admired by me as it felt like that the developers actually heard the concerns of their users, something that to this day…is lacking with some other popular distributions available. Based on Ubuntu, which of course is based on Debian, Linux Mint aims to put that final bit of polish on the user experience for those looking for something a bit more refined than other options out there.

The latest release, Linux Mint 10, looks to boast some great new menu options and proves once again that they are really working to separate themselves from their Ubuntu base in a desire to make a distro that reflects the direction the developers envision, rather than that of Ubuntu’s own path. Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu 10.10 and despite using the Ubuntu base, this is a distro with a fell all of its own.

The biggest thing users will note is how new software installed onto Mint will be highlighted as new, within the Mint 10 menu. A very cool feature indeed, something I can see Mint users being very excited about for sure. Another important change is how Mint now integrates Flash “Square” into the release, allowing native Flash performance on both 32 and 64bit modes. Definitely helpful as Flash is still a big part of the Web experience these days.