Over at Fancy Fast Food the authors of a recent article have put together a Hawaiian Fest using products they purchased from McDonald’s. The ingredients they used for their Thanksgiving celebration included the following items:

Ingredients (from McDonald’s):

  • 1 McRib sandwich (with extra onions)
  • 1 Filet-O-Fish sandwich
  • 2 side salads
  • 1 large fries
  • 1 McCafé Wild Berry Smoothie
  • 1 bottle of water
  • packets of salt
  • PLUS: a natural banana leaf (for presentation and a touch of irony)

Center stage for the presentation is using a McRib sandwich, specifically the mystery meat, to simulate the Kailua pig, found at a traditional luau. The authors explain how to take the pork patty and turn it into shredded pig pork. They also explain how to use the large fries along with the smoothie to simulate poi, the traditional root staple treasured by the Hawaiian people.

Another fascinating feat is how they take the Filet-O-Fish and simulate salted salmon:

First, scrape off the tartar sauce and slice off all the breading of the Filet-O-Fish square, and then crumble the resulting fish filet into a mixing bowl. Add a packet of salt since a real lomi-lomi recipe calls for salted salmon. Then, take the four cherry tomatoes from the two side salads and dice them into small pieces. Take all the onions from the McRib sandwich, rinse them in a strainer, and then chop them along with some greens from the salad — another improvisation for the original recipe’s call for green onions. Put the tomatoes, greens and onions into the bowl of salted pollock and mix everything together in the traditional way: with your hands.

By starting with these ingredients:

You end up with this:


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Source – Fancy Fast Food