With the success of the Apple iOS App Store, it’s no wonder that nearly everyone around the world is interested in finding ways of duplicating its success at some fundamental level. But what about when that someone is Apple? That’s right, Apple is going to be launching an App Store for the desktop operating system known as OS X, a cousin to the iOS. At its heart, the idea has a lot of merit.

What with the success seen in the mobile landscape, I can see how Apple figures that this is one gamble that could pay off. Here are the facts  that no one can deny any longer. First, the App Store and Marketplace work. They make installing software simple and ensure that some kind of form of “safety” is in place. At least that is the idea.

What is comical is that this isn’t news. The idea of installing and keeping software up to date has been in practice on various Linux distros for years. From the CLI or package mangers to Linspire’s CNR and today, Ubuntu’s Software Center. Old news. The only difference is that there will be more proprietary software selections available from Apple’s offerings. Great news for developers looking to earn a little green.