The news of the newest processor at the top of the chart has been obscured by all the talk of the new Bulldozer core CPUs lately, and the fact that, although early reports were that the chips would be Socket AM3 based, they are not.

That means that the current Phenom II X6 line will be the last hurrah for any of the current motherboards for the AMD line, as the AM3 chips will be compatible with the AM3+ motherboards, but there will be no CPU reverse compatibility for the AM3+ (Bulldozer) CPUs.

Perhaps that is why the company is releasing the Phenom II 1100T right now, to take advantage of frenzied Christmas buying, and get a bit more performance out the door to remind the buyers holding off that more performance is just over the next hill.

The current pricing is not anything to get excited about at the moment, because the Phenom II X6 1090T is only 100 MHz slower, is also a Black Edition, and has proven overclocking ability.  It is selling for $229 on Newegg right now.

The X6 1100T part is shown, (where and when available) at $312.89 and so the wise buyer will wait for either a fantastic drop in price (which probably won’t happen soon) or the first review that states that the part is amazingly overclockable – like 4.4 GHz on air alone, with no voltage changes. That might make it worthwhile for the rabid fans. Unfortunately, since the X6 1100T is also being put out on the same process size as the X6 1090T, 45nm, it probably is too much to ask at this time. For the less than bleeding edge buyer, an X6 1090T will be more than adequate for the foreseeable future.

Still, it is very nice to see that AMD is able to get another part one step up in binning, because it means that the chips are getting more efficient as a line. What would be nice now is to see this line continue on for a while, and perhaps see some of these come out as-is but with the next die shrink. That would make for some very high power, low voltage CPUs for the enthusiasts out there – and doesn’t that include us all?