So the new Jolibook Linux netbook is available for anyone who is interested. What the heck is a Jolibook or Jolicloud for that matter? At its core, we’re talking about another distro like gOS or Google’s Chrome OS. It’s a basic OS designed to plug users into the cloud.

The available web app services are what make the distro worth looking into. But at the end of the day, there is a real twist in trying to use locally installed software and relying more on web software in its place. It takes a bit of patience I think. Not to say that you don’t have other cool stuff like Skype installed. Just that the web is the real focus here.

The idea has been tried countless times. And once again, another project duplicating the same mistakes as seen with gOS among others. Again my not making it abundantly clear that Windows software will not run on this and trying to bridge the gap for new users, I think that we will begin to see another influx of complaints from confused Windows converts like with other Linux netbook attempts trying to use Web apps as an ultimate solution.