When was the last time that you forgot something that you wanted to remember? The chances are that it didn’t happen too long ago. All of us are forced to remember more things now than ever before, and because of that, our brains can get overloaded and just give up on us. Keeping good notes is a smart idea, and with the Internet, you don’t need a pen and paper to make this happen. Springpad will help you to remember what you need and want to remember.

This service works in your browser and on your mobile devices, so you’re covered wherever you go. You can enter information directly or grab it from the Web, and since Springpad works well with the Internet, it can provide additional information about what you’re saving and even offer the latest news and deals that are related to that content. Organization is simple and configurable, and custom reminders help you to make sure that you don’t forget what you’re trying to remember when the time comes to remember it. If it wasn’t already, the cloud will now become your second brain.