A few months ago, Twitter rolled out a redesign of their platform, New Twitter, that left many with a wishlist of features not included. Twitter listened, and over the last few days implemented the newest and most wanted feature: the display of conversations between Twitter users, reminiscent of Facebook’s “Wall-to-Wall” feature.

A conversation is achieved and archived when two or more users converse via a “reply” function, (either on Twitter or via a third-party application like Tweetdeck,) stemming from an original tweet. It doesn’t archive an entire conversational history between people – only a conversation based on one tweet. You can see each conversation by visiting your profile at Twitter, and then clicking on the chat bubble that appears next to any of the tweets that are a part of that particular conversation. On the right-side pane of Twitter, the conversation will then appear, as well as the latest tweets of anyone mentioned in your conversation and the latest tweets of anyone mentioning the people you conversed with.

This conversation threading was already part of Twitter Search, as well as being built into third-party apps. Integration within Twitter’s web interface is a welcome improvement to usability; perhaps even enough for me to use the native interface a little more often. Undoubtedly Twitter’s intent is to increase time spent on Twitter.com, especially now that they are becoming increasingly profit-driven with the implementation of more ads.

Are the new conversation threads enough for you to use Twitter’.com more often? Or will third-party apps continue to win your attention with conversation threads and many other features?