Overall, I am quite content with my own current FiOS connection speeds of 20/20. That said, I’m thrilled to hear that FiOS now has Verizon introducing 150 Mbps broadband! For a small business, this would be a wonderful thing. For most home based consumers, probably a little more than one would need. But the critical take away here is that it’s available if the user wants it! Ah, choice… that fundamental item that in my mind is more important than price. If I have a choice in providers, rather than having one single carrier available, then I am in a good place.

The only real downside to this is we are seeing more speed than availability. Seriously, if you  live in Qwest country… enjoy the wait. The facts are that, while Verizon sold its fiber interests here in my neck of the woods to Frontier, we still see lightning fast broadband speeds with no more than one outage per year. This is assuming that one is using their router wisely instead of using it for Wi-Fi as well. I use a dedicated Wi-Fi switch, so my Internet maintains great performance without overheating anything.

So what is the answer for those without the joys of fiber based broadband? Clearly, cable isn’t cutting it — just read anywhere for people complaining about weak speeds and downtime. No, I think the next step is going to be less about more speed and more about WiMax like solutions in rural areas or even in regions without cable and DSL. After all, cable-only towns have been known to see service fall flat on its face when compared to towns with competition.