It’s 3:20am, and at the moment it seems that Google is down for Midcontinent cable customers. At this point, I now realize how Google has become the central point of my life, because when it’s down, I can’t do anything.

I can’t:

  • View and modify documents on Google Docs
  • Check my Google Calendar for the day
  • Check my AdSense earnings
  • Connect my Android phone to any services.
  • Chat with friends on Google Talk.
  • Check email.
  • Google whether or not Google is really down today or it’s just me (I used Twitter).

The most interesting item on this list is Gmail. I thought I had enabled offline mode in the Labs section as a resolution to these types of issues but I’m not able to log in, though.

Just checked again. Still down. It’s going on 30 minutes now.

You may be asking why I’m complaining that Google is down at 3:20am. Well, that’s just when I like to work. I depend on these servers 24 hours a day. So much for working in the cloud.


Looks like the problem has been resolved. I became aware Google was back online for Midcontinent customers at 3:57am. That was a long time!