I love Netflix!  I have canceled my cable television and stream Netflix movies and TV shows exclusively.  The choices, at least for me, are great.  It allows me to watch unlimited television and movies for only $8.99/month.  Well, it WAS $8.99/month.

I received an email today from Netflix informing me that my price plan, which includes unlimited streaming as well as 1 DVD per month, is going up one dollar to $9.99/month.  However, since I rarely order DVDs, I was happy to see there is a new price plan available that is for streaming only at $7.99/month.  So I am going to save $1.00/month.

It did get me to thinking about the other price plans that people use.  The plans Netflix offers go from one DVD/month to 8 DVDs at one time per month.  All of these plans have gone up as well and not just $1.00.  The price change gets larger as you go down the list.  I have added the comparison from its Web site.  As I said before, the price change does not affect me as a user, but if I were on the 8 DVD plan I would be a little upset.

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