This morning on the Today Show, they had a segment about baby monitors and how insecure the devices are. The segment covered the range that some baby monitors broadcast, including a demonstration of one monitor broadcasting into the studio from outside on the street. Many of the baby monitors broadcast a signal on 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz, and can not be secured. So a stranger sitting outside the home can view your child sleeping inside.

But what is further disturbing is that the conversations by adults can also be heard from the home. In one case, a reporter was able to listen to a woman who was having a private conversation with her attorney, while monitoring the transmission from outside the home on the street. In another report it also stated that:

Electronics technicians have long known that wireless phone and baby monitor frequencies can be intercepted to allow a stranger to intentionally or accidentally listen in to personal conversations.Jonathan Gulsby, of the U-Spy Store in Orlando, said the new video baby monitors are good but are still vulnerable to the same potential breach in security and privacy.”Baby monitors are wireless cameras, so any wireless frequency can be intercepted,” Gulsby said.Local 6 News investigative reporter Mike Holfeld drove down the streets of one upscale neighborhood to test the theory.

He was able to intercept video signals from nearly a dozen homes in less than five minutes.

On the Today Show they had similar results driving through a neighborhood in Lond Island. In both experiments the residence where the baby monitors were being use, did not know the signal from the baby cam could be seen outside of their home.

In addition, a burglary can use the baby monitor system to see if anyone is home prior to a break in. Also perverts can see which homes have small babies or children inside.

Two suggestions to secure the baby monitors were to connect the system to a secure router. Another was to hard wire the camera to the monitor.

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Source – Today Show

Source – Click Orlando