I’ve been using DuckDuckGo off and on since its launch. Best for some search queries and not so much for others, it’s one of those search engines that I see honestly as having the biggest impact on doing something clever and effective in the search engine space. If you are researching something through search, DuckDuckGo can’t be beat by anything in my experience.

Then came the news that Blekko partners up with DuckDuckGo. Clearly a game changer for both companies, since Blekko has a good handle on finding¬†relevant¬†data from hash tags. As the article explains, both companies are trying to do what Google is clearly struggling with —¬†eliminate search spam from the index that each of us find every day. A noble idea to be sure.

Now for the big question! Can the two search engines make a big enough ding in the worlds of Google and Bing/Yahoo! for any of this effort to be recognized? Depends. With time I see DuckDuckGo offering more relevant data than Google for organic search results. Better ranking based on content, not so much on “page rank”. But at the end of the day, DuckDuckGo needs someone to help get the word out. A technology evangelist of sorts. Get one who knows how to find Google complaints, make videos and offer solutions to frustrated Googler’s, the success will follow for DuckDuckGo.