I have looked at traditional deep turkey fryers, that require oil to cook the turkey, but have always been concerned about the fire hazard. I recall seeing a video in which the oil in a fryer caught fire, and subsequently caught the deck on fire, and eventually set the house on fire as well. By the time the local fire department arrived, the home was totally destroyed. In addition it is estimated that some 500 fires a year are started by oil deep fryers which has always been another reason to stay away from the dangers of frying in oil.

This year I spotted an advertisement for a Char-Broil The Big Easy oil-less Infrared Turkey Fryer. I went onto Amazon and they are selling the fryer for $94.99. I read the reviews which were overwhelmingly positive. People swear that this is the easy way to fry a bird, and is also the safest way.

One of the attractive features of an oil-less fryer is that it will cook a turkey in about one-half the time, than using the traditional oven.

But is the turkey cooked in an oil-less fryer any good?

Let us know.

Comments welcome.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Source – Amazon

Char-Broil 10101480/08101480 The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer