Facebook, a great source for malware! That appears to be the message considering the sheer volume of crap found within the Facebook news feed according to BitDefender. Worse is that BitDefender is reporting that 60% of those Facebook threats are coming from third parties. So blocking these threats is, well, not going to be that easy.

In most cases one can avoid most of these threats by not blindly clicking on every idiot thing posted to Facebook as if somehow Facebook is going to magically make you safe. The fact is, you are on your own here. Facebook is simply not going to do squat to make you safe. Its horrid security practices have made that clear.

So while some select malware prevention techniques practiced by the likes of companies like BitDefender are fine, it doesn’t help those of us not using them. I mean, clearly Facebook needs to worry a little less about rethinking email and a little more about getting a handle on that mess it calls a news feed.