Facebook is said to be hot on the heels of the likes of Google, among others. Unwilling to take this laying down, Google’s on a hiring spree to keep themselves ahead of the game. And if done correctly and no losing more people to Facebook, this is a strategy that could work. But there are still other challenges that must also be met though.

First of all, if Google has taught us anything, it’s creating is much easier than competing. Let Facebook becoming the bandwidth black hole it is and pursue relevant ways to keep the search experience going forward. Facts are that while earnings with Facebook ads may be gaining major steam, Facebook ads are generally…crap. They offer most people zero value and are mostly get rich schemes.

Here is where Google needs to step it up. While they have the best advertisers at the moment, Facebook could eventually take this away. Well, if they can get enough Facebook users looking to spend money on products and services in which advertisers could target. Yes, this and this alone will likely be Google’s saving grace. Best hire those who can keep the mindshare on offering value instead of fluff.