Well, that what they called it in this Physorg article;

The Walt Disney Co.’s early release of its earnings report this month came down to a Dumbo move: The company made the information accessible through an easy-to-guess Web address.

Well call me Dopey, who would have thought of doing a Goofy thing like maybe changing the permissions until it was time to publish it? Look guys, next time password protect the file with an appropriate password like your home address or something like that…

Personally I always go with GoofyMickeyDonaldDumboPlutoSnowWhiteSneezyandColumbus for a password. I read somewhere that the more secure ones have at least 7 characters and 1 Capital. I mean are they like, uh, simple?

Now, I admit that I can crash my servers out just by looking at them and that I am far from the most brilliant coder, spuller or writterer, but I am an amateur, I am sure Disney hired someone to blunder that up. In other words, they payed for that “service.” Hmmm.

I think Disney would be rolling over in his cryonic grave, that is if that weren’t just a myth. I don’t know if cremated ashes can roll about in their urn, but likely, he is.