If you’ve been a regular Internet user for quite some time, then you likely remember when basic tasks in theory took several complicated steps to complete. Just think about the process of uploading some pictures and sharing them with your friends. Over a decade ago, that probably took some maneuvering to have a successful outcome, but as time has passed, the process has become easier and more accessible to the point that sharing a picture doesn’t involve manually uploading a file to a server. In fact, with Minus, creating and sharing picture galleries is almost too easy.

All you have to do is drag your pictures into your browser and Minus will store them and help you share them. Not only can you link people to your gallery, but you can also link them directly to each image. The links are created instantly and viewers can even choose to download all of the images in a zip file. If sharing pictures is causing you pain, then you need to get with the times because you’re obviously doing it wrong.