It has been a week now since I purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3. I sadly retired Modern Warfare 2 to its box, expecting I would never play it again. Today though, MW2 made a return to the disc tray of my PS3, and Black Ops was placed back in its box where it will remain until I trade it in as soon as I can make it to Play N’ Trade.

I tried to like this game. I gave it tons of chances to impress me. Many late nights were spent battling zombies and playing multiplayer mode. There’s no hiding it anymore though. Black Ops sucks! The franchise has taken a giant step backwards with its poor sound and graphics.┬áIt’s possibly the worst and most over-hyped game of 2010. When you have been playing a game like Modern Warfare 2 for over a year, it’s just not possible to enjoy a game like this. MW2 really sounds like you are in a battlefield. With Black Ops, the graphics are choppy and the sound would make you think you are playing with a cap gun.

The mechanics of the game are all wrong too. Want to stab an enemy with a melee attack? You’ll be lucky if the game registers it. There are several times I’ve stood right in front of an enemy and swung the knife without any effect. Aiming is difficult as well. You have to get the sight right on your target or you’ll end up shooting the sky.

The multiplayer mode is not that fun to play either. The maps are designed in a way where you pretty much have to run out into the middle of an area to get any kills. No more sneaking up on snipers or looking in windows for a kill. The game suffers from an incredible amount of lag also. It’s not uncommon to be disconnected from your game or not be able to connect to a game at all. Hopefully a future patch with fix these issues.

There are a few things Black Ops gets right. It does have a strong story mode. It’s probably one of the best you’ll find in a game. Multiplayer communication is crystal clear. It’s not quite as choppy as it is in MW2 or other games. The zombies option was also a nice addition. None of this make up for what the game lacks though.

I’ve read all the rave reviews, thinking maybe it was just me, but there are a ton of people who agree that Black Ops sucks. You can’t make a game that’s worse than MW2 in today’s market. It just won’t pass if gamers are spending $70 a game and expecting something better. Pass on purchasing this one, or if you’ve already been suckered into purchasing this piece of trash, finish the story mode and trade it in as fast as you can.