Services like Hulu and Netflix, among others, are in a position to put the hurt on cable/satellite companies here in the future. The available content isn’t quite there yet for everyone to make the switch, though. Many content providers are holding on to the rights for programming without playing ball at the moment. Worse are those foolish networks that expect you to view their content in a browser, on their Web site. Give me a break.

Give it 2-3 years and watch everything change. To this end, now there are rumors that we may even see TV services through Microsoft in the near future. Hopefully it will take the wise approach and try to make the service flat rate without commercials and find ways of addressing what the other services are doing wrong.

Thanks to the added benefit of the Xbox console, Microsoft entering the living room has already been fairly simple for the company. The key, once again: don’t waste time charging per use. This model has been done to death and it’s frankly not going to cut it in a slimmer economy.