Want to try Internet Explorer 9 Beta? IE9 Beta is now available for download if you’re running Windows 7.

There should be an image here!So what new features can you expect to see in Internet Explorer 9?

  • Streamlined design with a more compact user interface
  • Pinned Sites so you can access your favorite Web sites from the Windows 7 taskbar
  • Download Manager to help protect your computer from malicious files
  • Enhanced tabs so you can look at two tabs at the same time
  • Updated New Tab page that displays the sites you visit most often and color codes them for quick navigation
  • Search directly from the address bar
  • Notification bar that provides you with important status information
  • Add-on Performance Advisor that tells you if an add-on is slowing down your browser performance

To download IE9 Beta, visit the Internet Explorer 9 Beta home page.

[Photo above by Dave Heuts / CC BY-ND 2.0]