In a day and age when printed newspapers and magazines seem to becoming extinct, up pops Playboy Magazine with a novel idea. It has placed every one of its issues dating from 1953 to 2010 on a hard disk. The 250 GB hard disk contains all 650 playmates and sells for just $300. As an added benefit, the hard disk has about 200 GB of free space for storage of your other prized possessions.

In a recent article it states that:

The drive is being released by Playboy and Bondi Digital Publishing, a company that makes the archives of print magazines available in digital formats.

Playboy isn’t the first magazine to release its archive on a portable hard drive. Bondi, which was founded in 2004, has released digital archives of the New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazines.

And last year, a National Geographic hard drive was released with 120 years (from 1888 through 2008) worth of issues for about $200 — $100 less than Playboy’s asking price for 56 years worth of issues.

The move falls in line with products released as Playboy has seen a decline in sales of its monthly print magazine.

I didn’t even know Playboy magazine was still in print. This seems like a last gasp effort to generate some revenue from those who collect old issues of Playboy.

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Source – LA Times