A big, lofty goal to be sure, it would seem that the creators of Winamp are edging forward with the idea of Winamp becoming iTunes for the Android platform. Insane at first pass, one could argue that it may be possible if Winamp can gain the kind of adoption needed to make such an event a successful move. Well, at least for music, that is.

What I am wondering is if there is an Amazon Unbox app for Android yet? Not owning an Android device, I have researched this and either the app has the worst press in history or it’s not available yet. At least there will be Hulu for the Android platform here soon.

Now here’s a thought. What if the video playback that is available with Winamp on the PC were also provided with Winamp for Android? And then the final piece of the pie… Amazon Unbox via Android’s version of Winamp? Ah, now that would make for something that could stand right up to the iOS devices… finally. Based on my research, there isn’t much of anything like Unbox for movies on Android yet. And no, Netflix isn’t quite there yet, either.

Perhaps with time this will change. Again, I am shocked and dismayed that we don’t see Amazon embracing Android more. Clearly, it is giving Apple a huge pass on this as it’s done well by making movie content available on settop boxes and other┬ásimilar┬ádevices.