Mashable reported that the FCC may allow you to send text messages to 911, as well as images and video. They feel that this would lead to better, faster responses. I feel that it’s stupid and lazy. I mean, the time it would take to type out the text of what the situation is, what you need, and where you are, you could have just called! Why are we so unwilling to talk to people nowadays? Are we really going to text, “OMG I’M Being Killed”?

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No one likes to talk to anyone these days, I know. As Lamarr points out, it’s pretty pathetic if we cannot make a phone call to emergency services. He feels this is the death of everything that is American. If someone is chasing you down the street with a gun, are you going to text that in?

Video, audio and pictures may be a good idea, yes. But typing out an issue and location will likely take a lot longer than simply calling them to begin with. Also, imagine the poor non-tech-savvy older person who is a dispatcher trying to decode your l33t sp34k. Seriously? Does no one else see this is a potential dangerous issue?

What are your thoughts? Is Lamarr way off base here? Or is he on to something?

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