Someone recently asked if I thought it was a good idea for them to buy 3D monitors at this point in time. Honestly… no, I don’t. There simply isn’t enough content out there to justify spending the money on these. Yes, they’re cool. But wait a year or two until the rest of the world catches up to the technology.

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When you have money to burn, go ahead and splurge. In my estimation, I just don’t feel the timing is right yet. We’ll likely see new 3D monitor technology prototype at CES next spring. They’re sure to make many of you drool, of course. I don’t have a 3D television and I certainly don’t have a 3D monitor.

Heck, it took me a while to switch over to HDTV. There still isn’t enough content to keep up with that technology… so you can imagine that it will take a few years for the content to be fully ready for 3D.

What are your thoughts?