While using the I Am T-Pain Auto-Tune app the other night, someone in chat asked if I would buy a netbook through Sprint or just purchase one outright from a regular store. You know me – I had to keep singing along through the app as I gave my answer.

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I would definitely buy the device outright and not through Sprint. Think about it this way: Sprint could be dead in the water in a couple of years. Yes, they have a large network. Many other companies have had large networks only to die out for no apparent reason. With the economy the way it is, you just never know what’s going to happen. Where will you be with your Sprint netbook then, my friend?

Buying a device outright whenever possible is just smart, in my opinion. You aren’t tethered to any specific network or service. You’re free to choose what you do with that device, and how (and where!) you do it. There’s no contracts to worry about and no being tied down to limitations of a company – such as Sprint.

Would YOU buy through Sprint or any other company, or would you just head to your local gadget store and pick one up there?