If you’ve ever experienced a negative online shopping situation, chances are good this one where “negative advertising” was involved tops them all. Worse, it appears that the individual who was involved in one of the worse online shopping experiences I’ve ever read about has made a success out of screwing over his customers. What a charmer, really.

For obvious reasons I am not mentioning his “site” or his name, considering the issues at hand. But the greater issue at hand here is that this guy figured out a way to game Google in a very substantial sort of way. How substantial? At least upper middle class kind of substantial from the looks of his house and lifestyle.

What is worse is that this person had managed to selectively victimize certain customers and appeared to blatantly get away with it. Even after finally being arrested, he seems to have only been let off as if nothing had ever happened.

According to the story linked above, Google finally got around to adjusting the search algorithm so that “people” like this gem of a man cannot use complaint sites to game SEO results in the future. Sadly, however, I haven’t been able to determine whether or not he has been “Google slapped” by other search engines. If not… oh, boy.