Joining the ranks of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is now offering an easy way for bloggers and publishers to add a “share” button allowing readers to share what they are reading directly on LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn is now offering an advanced login API for developers.

The great thing about the new LinkedIn share feature is it further allows you to choose which of their social networks would best benefit from what you have already read on blogs, which may help strengthen LinkedIn as a social network – not just the place to post your resume. As LinkedIn users find more blog posts relevant to past, present, and future colleagues, LinkedIn users may utilize the network more to find media shared by others in their professional network that are on a more, well, professional level.

The availability of the LinkedIn API may also help to strengthen LinkedIn as a place to socialize – at least professionally – as blogs and other websites can target this specific type of audience. The potential of a social network of business professionals has been relatively untapped, aside from LinkedIn’s own efforts. This new approach could be especially beneficial in such a dire job market – not just for developers, but for those in need of employment or contract opportunities, or business leads. That said, an API that connects developers with any type of business opportunity could easily open up the potential for spam…or a scam.

Will you use the new LinkedIn Share button on your blog? Will your readers click? Or is this just more social media clutter?