Who didn’t see this one coming? Yes, the Chinese search giant Baidu launches a groupon-like site and the media has come nuts with it instantly. Unlike Bing/Yahoo or others that are frankly, hardly a threat to Google at all, it’s search giants like Baidu that pose the real threat to Google dominance in Asian markets. Well at least in the growth of China anyway. To counter Google’s recent acquisition of Groupon, Baidu has launched their own version called Youa Tuangou. Translated roughly, it means “group buy.” Sounding familiar yet?

So far there are only about three actual deals offered thus far by Youa Tuangou and the indications early on is that there are more coming soon. What is interesting is the cultural parrael as it’s reported that the Chinese are used to haggling and group purchases. So Youa Tuangou could very well translate into something that fits in nicely with the culture despite any concern about getting adoption to take hold quickly.

It remains clear that this wasn’t perhaps the copy of groupon as it was first thought to be. Seems that other variations have been around in China since January of 2010. But whether or not the two entities will ever cross paths is a bit of a mystery at this point. Baidu remains king in China as does Youa Tuangou hold the likelihood of becoming China’s answer to Google’s Groupon efforts.