Despite all of the advancements that have been made in terms of sharing files online, plenty of people seem to have no clue that other options exist besides email. This is a real shame because sending files through email starts to become more of a pain as the files increase in size. Not only are there sometimes file size limits, but whenever you want someone to have a file, you have to go through the process of sending it to them from beginning to end. With online file storage, you just upload the files once and link people to them whenever they need access. We can all do our part to educate the public about simple online file sharing by pointing people to

It’s become common for file sharing tools to try to outdo the competition in terms of simplicity, and certainly makes a fine showing in this area. Just select your files and link to them – that’s it. You can share as many files as you want and there are no size restrictions. Social and e-mail sharing is integrated, and your files can be linked to individually or in collections called shares. If you create a free account, you’ll also get live statistics and extended hosting. The next time you hear someone complain about sharing files, just tell them to with the program.