Shock of shocks, it seems that iPhone sales in China are disappointing! Really, this must be a mistake with the fact that I don’t see the Apple products doing all that great in most Asian markets in the first place, let alone China. Word on the street, however, is that this sales issue in the booming country are expected to improve for Apple as now we see lower prices for these phones bundled with a long awaited Wi-Fi feature. Never mind the fact that Android has already eaten its lunch in the region and that leaves Apple some room in which it will need to catch up a bit.

Apple is banking on China Unicom to take the new offering of cheaper iPhone 4s along with the improvements made to the service, which are expected to make all the difference. I, again, am skeptical as China is much more Android centric and has already dug its feet firmly to this end. I don’t see it changing merely because Apple and China Unicom think it will suddenly. Wishful thinking there, if you ask me.

Now at least one commenter on the article itself has made  the claim that after a recent trip from the country, the iPhone was, indeed, the dominant phone for the region in the smart phone space. And bear in mind this was recent enough in which it would mean that it’s China Unicom’s own iPhone 4 offering in play and being used by those in mainland China as well as in Hong Kong. Bundled with what was described a massive amounts of Apple iPhone 4 advertising everywhere, it does stand to reason that, perhaps, Apple and China Unicom have already found a way to keep the Android phones well at bay.