It’s an interesting idea, if nothing else. This preview of Google Cloud Picker only serves as a reminder that the search giant’s intention to rule our data at any cost is not being snuffed out by the likes of Facebook any time soon. Photos, maps, and documents seem to be the targets here for Google Cloud Picker, as the story goes. While clearly still under heavy development, this could prove more  than ever that Google wants to make absolutely sure that when it comes out swinging with Google Chrome OS, “to the cloud” is not something that will be coined by Microsoft alone. Oddly, it does seem like Microsoft has already managed to brand the hell out of this term already.

The downside of this is that Google has never really done very well with user interfaces. No, seriously, even compared to the ugliest Linux desktop environment such as very early releases of GNOME and KDE, Google still wins for poor design over all. And based on early screenshots of Google’s Cloud Picker, it would seem that Google is sticking to a simple white theme of doing things. Works okay for the Web stuff, but even with new Web apps, it might be time to start spicing things up just a touch. I’m simply pointing out what most people are likely thinking, Google.

On the plus side of all of this, it’s cool to see Google making it even easier to get this kind of stuff posted to the “cloud,” as it were. After all, with Google Docs, etc. already being such a hit, the next obvious step was a usable management tool. Clearly Google is already all over that. It’s also painfully clear that this is something to be focused on the consumer and perhaps not so much on the enterprise user. This is unfortunate, as it’s likely the enterprise realm that’d like to see something like this evolve in the first place. Again, just pointing out what others are likely feeling.