One of the biggest institutions in the United States came to an end in 1993. Sears ceased the publication of its catalog, which had become a staple for millions living in America. At one time the catalog contained everything fromĀ  nails to a home construction kit which included delivery to your home site.The prefabricated homes consisted of some 12,000 pieces and Sears sold about 75,000 of the kits in the 1920s and 1930s. Prices started at $725 with a deluxe, fully built six-room cottage priced at only $1,100.

In 1937 a best dressed woman wore a three-piece outfit priced at only $8.98. One also had the option to choose the deluxe outfit for only $10.98.

In 1949 Sears sold what it stated was a portable television. The 26 pound TV featured a 7″ screen and claimed to offer steady picture and a full 12 channels of viewing. Sears also asked people who wished to purchase the TV to indicate how far they were from a TV station, and if Sears thought it was too far to receive a signal, would refuse taking the order. One could purchase the TV for only $15.50 down and payments of only $7 a month.

In 1951 when every boy wanted to be a cowboy, you could order jeans and shirts to dress just like the cowboys in the movies.

Jeans were just $3.19 and shirts were only $2.29 each. What a deal!

In 1964 there was Ken and Barbie On Campus.

There was one other use for Sears catalogs that I am sure the company wishes was not associated with its publication. Do you know what that was?

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