Ah yes, the top Yahoo! searches for 2010. It’s that’s magical time of year once again where we take a gander at what was hot and what was not in the year as it comes to a close. To no real surprise, it seems that the BP Oil spill was on the top of the list with plenty of pop culture queries following, in addition to the iPhone as well. Now that takes care of the top searches. But what about the most commonly obsessed over searches throughout the year?

Yahoo! has these as well which really shows us just how pathetic our society has become. Care to take a guess at the number one obsession?  It’s not world peace or even finding work. Nope, it’s the iPhone 4 of course! Coming in at number three is the iPad, with the number 6 slot being filled by Facebook. The rest is taken up with the usual drivel people search for in the pop culture world. Nothing too exciting there.

And finally, we have our list of the top questions asked to Yahoo! for the year. Sorry to disappoint here, but the number 1 question is not anything too exciting. It’s “How to tie and tie.” I kid you not, that is actually it. Sadly number 4 is how to write a resume with the rest of the questions centering around stuff like boiling eggs down to what is love. Clearly, Yahoo! users are not looking for the secrets to success here. The one question I did find a bit strange was “Which city has the best tap water.” Seriously, why is this an issue when most people are drinking filtered or bottled water these days anyway?