Do you love Facebook but still don’t have a smartphone that allows you to easily use the popular social network when you’re away from your computer? Luckily, using text messaging – or SMS – you can still use many of the features of Facebook right from your current phone.

To start, you will want to allow your phone to communicate with Facebook so you can send texts directly to your Facebook account from your phone. After signing in to Facebook, go to your account settings (it’s under the Account tab, at the top right of Facebook once you log in).

From there, click on the Mobile tab – it’s the fourth tab from the left. Then, add your phone. Choose the appropriate settings, and then text the letter “F” to 32665. When Facebook texts you back with your confirmation code, enter it in the box in the next popup screen. Make sure you check “Add this phone number to my profile.”

Once your phone is set up with Facebook, you’ll be back on the Mobile page settings on Facebook. If you want alerts to come from Facebook, such as when someone posts on your wall, (you can choose exactly what notifications you want at your account setting page,) choose texts to be “on,” and then decide what time of day you want these texts to be delivered. If you choose “anytime,” you may get a text at 3 a.m. if someone posts on your wall at 3 a.m. – so you may want to set this to be “only” between reasonable hours.

Lastly, choose whether you want confirmations when you post from your phone. This is especially useful for those who have a habit of texting while drinking a few glasses of wine. Not that I would know about this.

Here are a few codes to use via SMS to post and interact with Facebook from your phone. Send them to 32665

Update status: is at john’s party
Message “what’s up” to “John Smith”: msg john smith what’s up
Search for “John Smith”: search john smith
Get cell # for “John Smith”: cell john smith
Get a list of your events: event
Post “happy birthday” to “John Smith”‘s Wall: wall john smith happy birthday
Add “John Smith” as a friend: add john smith