It’s a very strange thing – the people who are doing their best to destroy WikiLeaks have now influenced the provider of its domain name to pull it.

The problem for them is that the person[s] running the show still has the ability to use Twitter, and is/are letting people know that the IP address of the site can still be reached, even though the DNS entry may be purged from the ISP or the users’ machines’ local cache.

Beyond the site problems, the papers that were put out on the site have been mirrored at several sites, so the information will get out.

The more the governmental authorities work to squash the information, the more sites that seem to spring up with the information. It will be a losing game, and all is proceeding as the inventors of the internet envisioned – a method of communication that was so redundant that nothing, or no one, would be able to keep the information from flowing. Its original intent was the ability to survive a nuclear blast.

As for the content, I still have not heard about, or seen, anything that is beyond those schoolyard tattle tales I mentioned before.

The reaction from people I see elsewhere online, and here, seems divided as to age (as nearly as I can otherwise determine). Those older than about 40 are towing the national party line, perhaps because of the way they were raised, but also maybe just a bit because as people grow older, they tend to accept things as they are, and rail against things that would upset what they perceive is the natural balance.

As someone over 40, but not in agreement with towing the line, and with feelings certainly colored by the fact that I was part of a military family, I am trying to stand outside, and see what the truth is from outside the American frame of reference.

When I speak of being part of a military family, I speak of the fact that I have seen, more times than can be easily counted, the fact that military and intelligence are words not comfortable in juxtaposition. I am not so naïve to think that the military intelligence personnel are all bumbling fools, but I know there are many, having witnessed Keystone Cops episodic behavior many times.

Perhaps for some it is as simple as black and white, similar to those that say America – Love It or Leave It. The problem with that mentality has always been that I do love this country, and all the great things it offers, but I am not blinded to the screw ups and inequities in the nation either. I have felt, since I was a teen, that it was our duty to be loyal, but also be the the loyal opposition to things not in the tradition of being the best nation on Earth. If we believe that the nation is perfect, we are deluding ourselves, and if we act as if it is perfect in the company of other nations, we show ourselves as buffoons.

Should something be released that pinpoints the position of troops in hiding, or a weapon being developed, or anything that really is of a sensitive nature, I’m almost certain I would change my mind.

But then there it is – I don’t follow anyone or anything blindly. I suspect that those others that are like me, the many under 40, and the few over, are the same in that respect, and also wonder why all the crying, moaning, and wailing and gnashing of teeth, over a bit of spilt milk.

Oh, and Joe Lieberman? What exactly is to be done about people like him? Though I would not wish him physical harm, I certainly would like to get the guy alone in a room for a couple of hours, because I think I could scream about the displeasure I have, concerning his actions, for at least that long.

And that domain name? Well, I’m sure that the BitTorrent guys are working quickly on their version of a DNS system as I write this, so as to further nullify the workings of those trying to remove the openness that was part of the original idea of the internet.

Update – while reading further about the fate of Assange, two things are made clear in an article over at HuffPo .

He is the victim of a smear campaign, because the so-called “rape” charge that the U.S. press is reporting is being reported quite differently in the U.K. and other nations. It is not rape at all, but a much lesser offense, and it also has not been proven.

The other thing made known is that Assange is not hiding in a cave in some desert location. He is in England, and Scotland Yard knows exactly where he is. They simply are not violating his rights and taking him into custody because the U.K. no longer has a PM that is the lap dog of George Bush.