Google Wave may not be as dead as we once thought. Introducing Apache Wave, thanks to the Google Wave project. The idea is to take the existing Google Wave code and insert it into the Apache incubator program. And why not? It’ll get the project out there into the community and perhaps we’ll finally begin to see a clear path for its adoption.

Now clearly the project needs more time in the oven and some more focus on why people care or would want to use it. But the idea of allowing it some space to grow is still really cool to see. What I think will be really exciting is seeing the new contributors to the project not just from Google, but also from outside of Google as well coming to the table.

The project now known as Apache Wave is all set up to hopefully grow into an open community that will take on the existing major players out there. Hey, anything could happen. It’s not like open source based concepts cannot become commercial successes. It happens all the time.

In the meantime, the masses will likely not be giving Apache Wave much press or even a second look. Why would they? It’s¬†technically¬†a brand new project now. But one day, watch out. Apache Wave could become the idea that Google wanted Google Wave to be.