Today Google has announced that it is looking for people to join its pilot testing program and try out the Google Chrome OS. On the Web site there’s an application that anyone can fill out, and if you are selected, you will receive an unbranded notebook that will have the following features:

They do have 12.1 inch screens, full-sized keyboards and touch pads, integrated 3G from Verizon, eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time. Chrome notebooks are designed to reach the web instantly, are easy to share among friends and family, and simply by logging in, all of your apps, bookmarks and other browser settings are there. Setting up a new machine takes less than a minute. And even at this early stage, we feel there is no consumer or business operating system that is more secure.

So I ventured over to the website and signed up. I have waited for the Google Chrome OS since the company announced the project. Being cautious as it is, it seems that Google wants user feedback before going public with the new OS. There are going to be a lot of folks who hope that Google fails, including the boys up in Redmond.

If Google Chrome OS is a success, this could be the start of what was described in the movie Casablanca as, ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.’

Google states that notebooks from Acer and Samsung will be available during the first half of next year running Chrome as the OS. Other companies will be following with their own Chrome notebooks later in the year.

I am ready for a Web-based notebook computer. Are you?

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Source – Google Chrome Blog

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