As many of you may have known, I switched from Dish Network to DIRECTV. The reason I made the switch was that DIRECTV offered a Premium TV package that was lower than what I was paying Dish for. I have been a Dish customer for 3 years and have absolutely complaints with the company nor the service they offer. In fact Dish customer care is great. As an example the hard disk went out on my Dish DVR and the company delivered a replacement to me less than 24 hours after I reported the failure. They even included a return box and postage to return the broken DVR.

So yesterday, Wednesday, December 8,2010 the DIRECTV technician arrived at my door to do the new installation. Before he even arrived DIRECTV was in contact with me to confirm not only the appointment time, but also to confirm the exact hour of arrival. The tech. took the time to check where the new receivers would be placed, where the connection to the Internet was and where the location of the satellite dish would be.

The install took about 2.5 hours and the system was up and running. The tech. was very enthusiastic to show me how to record a program in one room and play it in another from any TV. That is a nice feature. With Dish we only had the record capabilities from the main and one secondary TV. Also with the Dish DVR, the second TV connection only broadcasts in standard definition.

Much of last evening was spent setting up our favorite channel menu and dumping the stuff we never watch. Once that chore was completed we next channel surfed to see how the reception was. Perfect on all stations. I was pleased that all of our local stations were in hi-def. Dish for our area still broadcasts the locals in standard def. In order to receive the channels in hi-def from Dish, I had to have a second satellite dish installed, which I thought was a dumb idea.

DIRECTV also offers a library of some 4,000 movies and TV programs that I can stream via my Internet connection.

Thus far DIRECTV is working perfectly. I am pleased with the install.

Comments as always are welcome.