For Google, I suspect that doing anything it can to hit the MS Exchange users where they end up using Gmail related products is a win in the book of the search engine giant.

It’s now possible to do an MS Exchange backup with Google Postini!

The idea is that when Exchange fails, the end user will be able to rely on Gmail instead of being completely without access to that precious email. Now this doesn’t mean that exchange  isn’t useful now or will be somehow replaced. No, it simply means that Postini provides Exchange users with an alternative for when their Exchange access has been somehow interrupted.

The breakdown of how this works is as follows:

  1. User is unable to login to their Exchange account
  2. User then logs into their Exchange email via the Gmail interface thanks to the Postini technology.

That’s all there is to it. The entire process is dead simple, allows Google to show off how flexible its Gmail setup can be and, best of all, the backed-up email that folks need remains accessible.