Microsoft is still struggling trying to get users to switch from the very popular Google Gmail over to Hotmail. The company which has struggled with their search engine endeavors such as Bing, also struggles getting the public to be aware of their Hotmail services. But when the Hotmail team decided to answer question from the news aggregation site Reddit, they received more than they bargained for. The tech savvy group took the Hotmail team to task and put them on the offensive.

So what caused the Hotmail team to try to defend themselves?

In a recent article it states that:

But leave it to the tech- and Internet-savvy Reddit community to ask the hardest question. The top-rated question in the thread is why users should abandon their Gmail accounts and head over to Hotmail. The comments immediately put the Hotmail on the defensive, with Reddit users wondering why the service didn’t use some of the most popular email protocols that sync up to mobile devices and external email programs.

Though Hotmail commands some 361 million users compared to Gmail at 193 million according to comScore, Google commands a lead of business users. Google has signed up 3 million business customers to their Gmail service which can syn to applications such as Google Calendar.

I believe there is also a trust issue. Though privacy is a concern to everyone who uses either Hotmail or Gmail, I think Google has the better reputation. Just my two cents.

What do you think? Would you trust Microsoft with your precious emails over Google?

Comments welcome.

Source – VentureBeat