I have been working from my home since 1993 and I have enjoyed the experience over the years. I did the 8 to 5 job routine, did the commute and did the interacting with fellow employees. Since working for myself, I know the huge benefit working from your home offers. The first is the tax benefits of a home based business. The IRS has relaxed the rules since working from the home is now so common. You can deduct the expenses associated with the space you use for business including mortgage payments, property taxes, home fuel costs and any other cost you spend to work at home. I do recommend you check your with your accountant or tax preparer to determine what deductions you may qualify for.

You also have the benefit of not spending money on gas to commute to and from a work place. You can dress the way you want. Some folks even wear their pajamas all day while working. You can take a break when you want and plan your lunch around your work schedule.

But is working at home for everyone? Here are a few of the traits you will need in order to succeed working from home.

1. You must be disciplined. It is not easy getting up in the morning and forcing yourself to work. There are many distractions to occupy your mind and keep you from work. That TV sitting in your living room will be calling to you to watch a program and put off starting to work for just a little while longer. Sleeping in is another attractive alternative to work. So you must be strict with yourself and force yourself to work. However, you also have the benefit of working at all hours of the night to catch up on your work, which is something you do not have in the traditional office atmosphere.

2. You have to focus on your work. It is easy to take a snack break when you want or maybe sneak in a quick nap. But when they feelings crop up will you have the focus to over come those feelings and continue to work? If not you may wish to continue your traditional job.

3. Working at home by yourself may not be stimulating enough for you. You will not have other employees around to help stimulate you into working or completing a project. You may need to stay in contact with other people to keep your self from drifting off and cleaning the kitchen or doing some other household chore.

4. Do not become a hermit. If you are working at home for a company, make sure you stay in contact with your boss or fellow employees. Keep yourself in the lime light so that you are not forgotten about. Stay in contact with customers so that they know you are still alive.

5. Separation from home and work. You will need an office space that is separate from your home living space. This is extremely important so that you can maintain a work environment. You may not be able to work effectively if you are working at the kitchen table and have distractions from other family members.

If you work from home, what do you do that works for you?

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Source – Forbes