During this past week there have been numerous article explaining the new features that the Google Chrome OS will incorporate. Some of the features are compelling and are a definite improvement over Windows. Here are 5 features that I believe may be compelling enough to make one consider dropping Windows.

1. Boot time. Many of you may recall when Bill gates spoke about the next version of Windows booting in under 30 seconds. The speech Mr. Gates made was before Windows Vista was released. Unfortunately this never came to pass. With the Google Chrome OS boot time will be under 10 seconds.

2. Netbooks that are optimized for Google Chrome OS will be using SSD and will boot fast. The Google Chrome OS is a light weight operating system based on Linux and will be open source. Google Chrome OS will not support standard hard disk technology so older netbooks need not apply.

3. Web apps only. Google Chrome OS will support web applications only such as Gmail, Google Docs, and so forth. Nothing gets installed nor updated as is the case with Windows.

4. Google Chrome OS is basically a browser. So if you have used the Chrome browser you are already familiar with the speed in which the browser operates. It is quick. So your operating system will be just as quick if not quicker.

5. Battery life is expected to be about 8 hours. This alone is a huge benefit. For anyone trying to use a laptop at an airport is keenly aware, trying to charge a laptop can sometimes be a trying experience. Have a longer battery life will make those layovers more enjoyable.

One of the draw backs that I see with the Google Chrome OS is that you won’t be able to install the OS on a Windows machine. Another drawback is that the OS will not support desktop computers. So if you want to use Google Chrome OS you will need to buy a new netbook.

Google admits that if people do not buy into the netbook idea, using a browser like operating system and be will to use online applications that they could fail.

What do you think? Would you be willing to give up your Windows machine and sign your computing life over to Google?

Source – Gizmodo

PS For those who are using Apple or Linux machines, do not forget to comment and tell us why you are soooo… smart and the rest of the world is so dumb. 🙂