A Dutch News paper, Dagens Nyheter, has a story, available in English, which reports that there may be a new site. It is titled ”A new WikiLeaks” revolts against Assange.

The new project, “Openleaks,” has been under way for some time and will be launched Monday. DN.se has spoken to individuals behind the new site and the message is clear.

Former Wikileaks personnel are leaving and forming this competitor. In a Huffington Post article, one of them is quoted as to referring to Assange as a “slave driver”. I guess some people think he was rather difficult to work for.

This article at TechCrunch certainly makes it sound like it wants to be a kinder, gentler, more “PC” type of leak collector. They will be structured slightly differently. From TechCrunch

It will be designed to accept leaks in a secure and anonymous manner, but won’t publish them itself. Instead, OpenLeaks will work with other publishers, including newspapers and websites around the world, which will asses the newsworthiness of any leaked documents, and edit and redact them as appropriate before releasing them.

Ars Technica describes it as “Wikileaks – Minus the ‘political agenda‘”.

See, it will be a censored filtered Wikileaks. I wonder who ultimately decides what gets released?

And a competitor.. Hmm, maybe that is a good thing, they say that competition fosters creativity and innovation. ZOMG! I need venture capital, I have a heck of an idea. Create a government approved leaks site. We could call it “Leaks for the Subservient Masses”, “Leaks for Dummies”, (that one might get ya sued), or “Faux Newz Leaks”. China even has news agencies we could model it off of. I think the Nazi party had an effective agency like that as well.

With Assange in jail, no bail and extradition to Sweden pending, one must wonder if there is anything left to compete with? Oh yeah, espionage charges as well.

I have no idea what to think about the sex charges he is facing. The espionage charges are closer to the real story. Sure WikiLeaks is still up an running, being creative and such. If they manage to nail Assange on espionage and the public accepts it, would that not justify going after the rest of the WikiLeaks personal? I, mean after all, they are a threat. Any idiot can clearly see that a “political agenda” must be a threat.

In that context, it is more about the erosion of our civil and personal rights. I think that is the real story. Unfortunately, many of our leaders use terms like “the war on terror” and “national security” to describe the process. While I agree we should protect ourselves, our troops abroad, and nation’s borders, I don’t see ignoring The Bill of Rights as a means to achieves it.

Personally, I don’t like the fact that Wikileaks material may put human life at risk. Maybe, Assange is a sex criminal and an animal. I don’t like the fact that Wikileaks is so indiscriminate in what they released. I don’t care for Huslter Magazine but I have no right to ban it from print. If this animal has the right to speak his mind freely, I must allow Larry Flynt and Julian Assange the same liberty. If I don’t like what they have to say, I have a choice. I don’t have to read it or condone it.

If they don’t like what this Donkey has to say, they don’t have to read it. In an Orwellian sense, we are all animals and “all animals are equal”. All animals consume material and produce excrements. All excrement stinks.

I do have to wonder if OpenLeaks will face the same type of issues in the near future. If governments can freeze assets and kill domains at will, abandoning any type of due process, and payment processing companies have the right refuse service for any reason, will it really matter? While our leaders speak pretty words about transparency they act more like they advocate transparent censorship.

Granted, Wikileaks may not have used the best judgement but is there not this thing called The First Amendment? Is the site not more of a news site than an espionage site? The spies provided information to the reporter or distributor of this leaked information. The reporter then shared it. I think the first leak I can recall in my life was this thing called Watergate. Leaked information was going to destroy us then as well.

Maybe we should contact that “Department of Transparency” which must exist somewhere and ask them for some help. Oh wait, maybe we should let that department edit OpenLeaks? Aren’t you glad President Obama finds the situation “deplorable“?

After all, it nearly hurt relations with Mexico and Turkey, two countries well know for their progressive civil rights movements. We can’t have it mess up our country’s political agenda. Do you think our leaders thought about the fact those leaks were damaging because the behavior of our leaders was deplorable? Doubt it has crossed their minds, drink enough Capital Hill KoolAid, you believe that no odors ever come out of bathrooms on Capital Hill. The fact that the deplorable behavior occurred before the deplorable leak matters not.

“All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” — George Orwell from his book Animal Farm.