The Internet was once a means to send emails and view webpages for information. But today the Internet has evolved into a world-wide social network, think Facebook with 600 million members, and now is bringing movies and TV programs into our living rooms. So it is not surprising to find that a recent survey indicates that the Internet today is just as popular as TV is. What is surprising is to hear what people are giving up instead.

According to one recent article it states that:

And it’s not because people are spending less time watching TV; those numbers have remained about the same. It’s because Internet usage has grown so dramatically — 121% in the past five years. So what are people doing less? Listening to the radio and reading things like newspapers and magazines offline, according to the survey. (We at Digits guess they might be spending less time doing other things too, like “going outside.”)

I must admit that I personally spend an equal amount of time on the Internet and watching TV. But I have a unique way that I surf the Internet that has become my personal life style. I surf the Internet from the comfort of my living room while I surf the net. So I guess I am one of those who does share my time between the Internet and TV.

But I also get outside quite a bit and do enjoy reading as well. I am able to divide my time and make sure that I am on the Internet for a limited amount of time each day. I have one friend who I know spends all of his time on the Internet. He sends me at least 10 emails a day with useless information attached.

I guess we all have one friend or family member like this. LOL

So how to you divide your time between the Internet, TV and outside activities?

Comments welcome.

Source – WSJ Digits