Yesterday I mentioned to my wife that I was struggling with trying to find an interesting subject to write about. She mentioned that I should write about which computer products or HDTV’s that are on sale. Though I agree that price is always a concern when making a major purchase, but that reliability is what I look at as well. After talking to her I glanced at the current issue of PC World and there it was. A reliability article for laptop, desktop computers and HDTV’s.

What I are articles that are generated by real world users. People like you and I that actually own the product and use it on a daily basis. Though I respect opinions from those who write computer or HDTV articles, I would take the opinions of actually users over one writer. With this information at hand, I decided to read the article to see if I agreed with those who responded to the reliability survey.

Laptop computers. The top 3 laptop computer companies were Apple, Asus and Toshiba. I have owned, recommended to clients and family the Toshiba brand. So I wasn’t surprised that Toshiba was high up on the list. What was surprising was the bottom 3 companies, HP, Dell and Gateway. These 3 companies at one timed were considered as having very reliable computers. Times have changed and now these 3 are at the bottom of the list.

Desktop computers. The top 3 desktop computers were Apple, Asus and Alienware. The bottom 3 again were Dell, HP and Gateway. It is interesting to see how the mighty have fallen. I have a 5-year-old Gateway that runs like a champ and I have never had a problem. I personally would never buy a HP or Dell system, but that is just my personal preference.

HDTV. The 3 top brands were Panasonic, LG and Sony. This came as a surprise since I thought that Samsung would have been among the top 3 brands. But Samsung only rated in 13 out of 17 places mentioned in the article. The bottom 3 were ViewSonic, Mitsubishi and JVC. What was surprising is that Panasonic is one of the only remaining companies that still makes a Plasma HDTV. I own two of these are they are great.

What brands do you think are best and why? Share your opinion.

Comments welcome.

Source is the January 2011 printed version of PC World – no link available.